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: dig up or exhume for reburial or for medical investigation; of human remains


: the act of digging up something (especially a corpse) that has been buried

Our business is to exhume human remains and it is our only business. We exhume human remains everyday and are regarded as true experts in the somewhat specialist field of exhumation. Such a business demands a high level of expertise. We exhume human remains lawfully, we exhume sensitively and we exhume practically. We typically work for Local Authorities, Architects and Surveyors. They need informed advice, as early on in the planning stage as possible, to determine contractual specifications.

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The exhumation of human remains is demanding and challenging.

Our Company provides a comprehensive service that manages the cost of this labour intensive process. To exhume human remains is a complex and often emotive subject and we offer the management and public relations advice and the legal and ecclesiastical knowledge required.

Needing to exhume a body or bodies may be an entirely new project to you. Not to us. We have exhumed thousands of human remains over many years and can help you with your requirement. From advice through to site clearance and final disposition we have the exhumation experience you need. Contact us now.